Modern Achievement

A New Approach to Timeless Lessons for Aspiring Leaders

Today’s aspiring leaders are redefining achievement. They understand achievement as a process for individual empowerment—discovering who they are and how they want to change themselves and the world around them. That world is more global, decentralized, dynamic, and diverse than ever before. Rather than just setting goals for achievement, today’s graduates are focusing on the process of achieving goals, resetting and pivoting to face new realities, and finding happiness in the journey.

Classic books on achievement like those by Napoleon Hill, Brian Tracy, and Stephen Covey were written for a much different world. Today’s young leaders need a fresh approach for achieving success in their lives and careers. Enter Asheesh Advani and Marshall Goldsmith.

In Modern Achievement, JA (Junior Achievement) Worldwide CEO Asheesh Advani and celebrated leadership expert Marshall Goldsmith (What Got You Here Won’t Get You There) offer thirty actionable lessons for personal and career success. Each lesson is part of an innovative Fixed-Flexible-Freestyle leadership framework that helped Advani to lead JA Worldwide and propel the organization to annual recognition as one of the top 10 NGOs in the world.

Using vivid storytelling from the lives of Advani and Goldsmith as well as established leaders and young achievers they have met, Modern Achievement empowers emerging leaders to claim their individual power to grow, achieve, and lead others.

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